About Anne’s Past & Present

We got an opportunity to start renovating an old house that was built in 1921, but it was hard to find suitable materials, garden furniture and garden tools. We wanted to find durable, classic and handmade garden furniture and antiques that would fit the soul of the house.

We decided to start offering products that we found to other people interested in gardening and old houses and opened Anne’s Past & Present in 2004. You surely know that you can always find something that needs to be renovated in an old house, and our house has been our inspiration for the past 20 years!

From us, you can find outdoor, vintage and antique furniture as well as products for balconies, old houses and gardens. We offer unique, old and new furniture from France and other parts of Europe. We also have high-quality ceramics, candles, soap and linen products, flower pots, gardening tools and seasonal products.

We are opening a showroom in spring 2019. Stay tuned for updates!



Kruununhaka shop

Mariankatu 15
00170 Helsinki

Closed at the moment

Isnäs warehouse

Vanhankyläntie 1271
07750 Isnäs

Pori shop

Hallituskatu 1
28100 Pori

Closed at the moment

Anne-Marie / +35850-5671847